Saturday, October 2, 2010

I have been a little bit distracted.

I can only say that I'm obsessed. I can knit and sew but as of late all I can seem to do is make these medium sized clutches. I love the design, look, and quality. In the end you have a beautiful hand made piece of creativity that anyone would love to have.
I love the yellow in this one.  It is a Cascade Wool.

This Aqua Clutch is a pattern adapted from a pattern designed by Constructivism

This is a simple pattern I designed myself.  I found that I got rather obsessed about this simple looking pattern.   Truth be told there is quite a bit of thought behind tolerances, and pleating on this design.  Most often when I see this style of frame it is used for a sunglasses case not a purse.


This is my favorite clutch.  I loved the fiber and how it knits up!

This is the interior of the same Lilac Clutch.  You can see the embroidered name of my sweet and dear grandmother on the interior pocket.

So far I only sell my small collection of finished clutches at a friends store in Kailua Kona, Hi called Pueo Boutique.  More clutches to come, also I have been working on a new design of a flat fold clutch too!

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