Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog of Note

Blogs of note.
I see the blogs of Note everyday.  I go to the blog read a little and check the links.. Fingers crossed!  I would love to have my blog be a featured on the list of blogs of note some day. I love the chance to see a blog I might otherwise have missed.  That is when I found the Beta Dad Blog.  It's funny but I would never had stopped and read a blog about a stay at home father yet the blogs of note made me do just that. This blogger struck a note with me. His first post was thanking blogger for taking note of his blog.  Then the subsequent post was blasting another daddy blogger.  The post was extremely well written and littered with humor.  At the risk of sounding scared, I hope he never reads my blog.  Still struggling to find a voice and content I feel my blog lacks the oomph he desires.  Although that is my definite goal.. Oomph.  I'm certain this blog at some point will grow up and become the beautiful well rounded idea I desired when I first started.  So stick with me for a little while.  Let's see what may come?

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