Tuesday, October 26, 2010


    Motivation where does it come from?  Right now I seem to be suffering from a serious lack of it.  This afternoon I set out to  do a small work out.  Most folks visit a gym or run a mile.  Well this evening's workout started by pumping up my giant "workout" ball.  "How in the hell did this go flat again"?  I thought as I ripped apart my house  looking for the specialty air pump sold with the ball.   "Didn't I just use this last month"?  After inflating, then, ever so slightly, deflating the over-inflated ball I tried to exercise.   The sudden realization I don't know any "good" giant ball exercises hits me.  Pissed that I have never hired a personal trainer I decided to google ab workouts, see if I could narrow down how to loose this flab... You may be wondering... Well this all seems very much like motivation to me but herein lies the problem. In the process of searching the web for good ab workouts I got lost.  I finally found myself two hours later, caught in a self imposed marathon of watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on Netflix.
      Obviously I have a problem with a lack of motivation. Now how does a person motivate oneself?  I saw a guest post on a blog I follow and thought it was quite clever. This gal had fallen in love with a great pair of boots.  Then each time she bettered herself by working out or running she gave herself money towards the purchase of the boots.  This is an excellent thought.  I would very much love to see a great article of clothing or shoes that would I pine over.   Although there is a problem... I don't shop at all.  See I am stuck in the land if crappy shopping otherwise known as Hawaii.  Granted if needed a new bikini I would be set.  Or better yet a cute sundress I would have plenty selection.  But no, the items that make me swoon are a pair of chocolate colored suede boots.  This seems like any fashionista's wardrobe essential, right?  Wrong!  If  I showed up to anything with a pair of boots on let alone anything that is not within the aloha casual attire code of conduct I would be gawked at or asked "why are you so dressed up"? So fashion is not so fashionable here.  So where does my motivation come from?  So the search for motivation never ends.

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