Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before & After

I am quite literally obsessed with before and after projects.  I believe this small personality quirk comes from my Grandma.  She was the queen of DIY transformations.  She could turn a simple, plastic, disposable, fruit basket into an elaborate doll swing!  I will never forget the time my Grandmother sat down with me am my sister Jill and we made "Princess Crowns" with used milk jugs.   I still have that crown tucked away for the day I get to play dress up with my own children.  As I wander in and out of the large world of blogs out there I stumble across a new DIY blog every once and while.  My favorites are Centsational Girl (she unashamedly believes a coat or two of pray paint can beautify even the most dreadful furniture), Design*Sponge always gets me hooked,  and one of my favorites is Manhattan Nest (He is such an excellent writer, and great designer too!)  I pour over these before and after images and wish upon wish that I was not a renter, and that my landlords would please let me spruce the place up a bit.  I love this bathroom!   
I would like to think that a transformation such as this one is something a "weekend worrior" could do... Maybe even me? 

Then there are projects that give me chills... such as this kitchen....

 I love the clean lines that he has chosen and the simple counter space with no cupboards.  The subway tile floors.  I have a few DIY of my own to be showcased later... As they are not finished yet.  

Friday, March 18, 2011

Life's Pages

Because this blog is dedicated and written in memory of our grandmother, Dorothy Delilah Dale Tode, it is worth mentioning her passing. She died Sunday, March 13, 2011. Today I'm celebrating her life as I unpack boxes of her journals here in my study.

I'm thinking today of a road trip she and I took to visit her homestead near Ryegate, and I'm trying to remember what year it was that we set off on a whim and a full tank of gas to find her roots.

I'll never forget that trip, seeing the little blue and white clapboard church at Lennup, surrounded by a field of yellow mustard-seed weed with a fox and her kits playing at the steps; seeing the home where she grew up that still houses a hard-working ranching family, and the tiny tool shed next to it, that was her father's original homestead shack; meeting her childhood friend, Wallace, and helping him catch his horse, the hot summer wind whipping my long hair into my eyes; and discovering that were it not for the 52 years between us, we might have been the best of friends.
Dorothy with Wallace

I've not felt the strength to open any of her journals. Of course, I'm curious. So curious. But I don't trust my emotions. I'm so near to weeping as it is. Do I dare explore and let my emotions go as I wander through her life's pages?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family Tree

I check Poppytalk Handmade daily, and this is where I stumbled apon these beautiful photo-leaves!

Miranda van Dijk an artist based out of the Netherlands makes these intriguing fabric leaves from photos that have been scanned then printed on a muslin fabric.  It looks like she may involve wire to hold the shape too.  I have a very in depth family tree project on the horizon that these leaves would be wonderful to try!  What an inspiration!

A life well lived...

Dorothy Delilah Dale
March 20th 1920 to March 13th 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

VW Beetle Fun

Most days I drive a 72' Volkswagon Beetle to and from work. 

I must emphasize that most days I try to drive Jezebel (as I affectionately call my bug..  She will love ya then leave ya).   Jezebel is a bit temperamental at best, other days she is a "NO GO" type of car. 

I have gotten used to turning some serious wrench with this car.  In her defense she is a vintage ride and she does need quite a bit of  tender loving care.  Owning this car has changed me, no really changed me.  I wave at all other vintage VW drivers (sometimes even when I'm not in my bug).  I take the long way every time I get a chance.  Folks know this about me now and realize that I take my sweet time.  And any air-cooled Vw driver will agree there is nothing better than rolling down the window sitting back and just cruising.  Now I can really appreciate this vintage car thing.  When is see a car no matter in what condition I can really see adoration and love in that car.

 <>    <>

How long did it take to create that look?


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