Monday, July 11, 2011

Mello Yello...

A friend invited (actually, quite nearly demanded) that I join her on her next photo shoot.  [Thanks Peggy!]  She was going to paint a model in all yellow.

I had to shoot the model next to my yellow bug Jezebel!

I loved the tall grass as an interesting foreground..

The detail of the paint drying on her skin and in her hair.

The paint was the same shade of yellow as these small flowers, I had to shoot her holding them.

This is the ever cute Pikake.  She was along for the ride.  But did not like the sharp rocks all around so I set up a small oasis for her in my purse hanging from my tripod.

Peggy Sue had a fun surprise in her lens hood when we finished.  She must have wandered through a spiderweb and did not notice.  We all had a good laugh!

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