Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have a Alter Ego

Her name is Ginger.  Not Ginger-Last Name of my choice.  But JUST Ginger. 

Whats funny about my alter ego, she comes out when I don't really want to talk to someone..  Or I have a guy ask for my number, not because he will call, but he wants the bragging rights...   But also Ginger is the girl that is the perfect size when she slips on a pair of $165 jeans.

Ginger has the perfect waist and perfect tush, and doesn't drink too much. 

Ginger has guys that yell her name as she drives by.  

Ginger is the girl that has a cute car with even cuter car name.

And when she drives by folks stop look, turn, and say something like "NO I wasn't checking her out"!

I have to say this it has been months since Ginger has introduced herself.  And to be honest that is a good and bad sign.  That means I have not had my fill of seedy clubs and bad introductions, but it also means that I have not been out.  I think that the good comes with the bad, and so we adapt.   Then Ginger steps in.   She says NO far to often, kisses then walks away having given him a wrong phone number (this is called the kissing bandit), or just enjoys herself then promptly forgets.     

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