Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A small change.

I have been avoiding the blog for a little while.  And to be honest.... My most recent post was written ages ago.  The reason for this level of avoidance is, I can't help feel rotten when I hit the blog.  I still very much feel the pain of loss when it comes to my grandmother's passing.  (long thoughtful sigh here)

So I decided to lighten the mood!!!  A change of pace is necessary.   

I visited my local Target to pick up a few items and discovered they carry a small selection of Essie nail polishes.  Now if you are not familiar with this brand run out and buy some!  I am super rough on my manicure and need DAILY touch ups.  Not with the Essie.  With one coat of the polish over the O.P.I. base coat I can wear for a week without a chip!   

Jamaica me crazy

A splash of grenadine

Super bossa nova
I love these three colors!  the Jamaica me crazy was the most recent purchase.  I tend to lean towards the colors with a red-pink base as my skin tone is super fair.  (I don't tan... I burst into flames!)     Well this being my small attempt to lighten my own mood...

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