Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She would have been proud.

Dorothy Delilah Dale was unashamed to wash out a sandwich bag and reuse it, and there had been many visits to her home where I saw paper towels drying out to be used again.  My grandmother prided herself on buying nearly all her wardrobe at second hand stores.  She was as thrifty as they came.  When I stumbled upon  Just a Girls DIY on the Toilet Paper Tube Art it was kismet.  Here is a talent person who can see the value in something most would throw away!   I had to try it out, I need new art, and cause my Grandma who have loved it.     Look at the great photos she provided to inspire those who make the attempt!
I have already started to cut up a few TP rolls and some from wrapping paper.

Her spacing is perfect yet simple

This is the perfect compliment to the tasteful pillows
My plans are to keep the same basic idea... But with my own twist.  I have three large Plumeria trees in my back yard and i devised a way to mimic their blossoms with the cut tubes.  Plus I plan on adding color too.  I not quite certain what the out come but, that is where the fun/flop can make or break my project.  More to come!

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