Thursday, March 10, 2011

VW Beetle Fun

Most days I drive a 72' Volkswagon Beetle to and from work. 

I must emphasize that most days I try to drive Jezebel (as I affectionately call my bug..  She will love ya then leave ya).   Jezebel is a bit temperamental at best, other days she is a "NO GO" type of car. 

I have gotten used to turning some serious wrench with this car.  In her defense she is a vintage ride and she does need quite a bit of  tender loving care.  Owning this car has changed me, no really changed me.  I wave at all other vintage VW drivers (sometimes even when I'm not in my bug).  I take the long way every time I get a chance.  Folks know this about me now and realize that I take my sweet time.  And any air-cooled Vw driver will agree there is nothing better than rolling down the window sitting back and just cruising.  Now I can really appreciate this vintage car thing.  When is see a car no matter in what condition I can really see adoration and love in that car.

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How long did it take to create that look?


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