Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hold backs...

Have you ever felt so held back that you could not function?  I have felt that way for some time now.  I NEED a new camera.  Just like your car needs brakes to stop, and gasoline to go, I need a camera!  I am happy to announce!!! I ordered the Canon 7D! 

 It should arrive this Friday!  I'm so excited that I have decided to revamp my entire camera bag situation and make my own camera strap too!  This is the camera bag I fell in love with about a year ago... I'm leaning towards the red one personally. 

The thought being it, looks just like a purse, then I can carry my camera with me more often and get ALL the shots I miss cause all I have is my darn cell phone.  I recently made a special camera strap for my sis Laura (with whom I share this blog)  that looks just like this....

Sorry this photo is not the best... I took it with the iPhone, hence my point is only driven home by the fact that my current camera only has sharp photos every third shot (very un-full filling for a photographer).   Gosh!  The excitement is too much to handle!  

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