Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

    Dorothy Delilah Dale has always been a strong inspiration...  At 90 years old she has maintained a daily journal for the better  half of her life.  As a girl I would see the burgundy journal sitting on a side table and wonder what she felt was important enough to write down.  It wasn't I was in my 20's and Gram and I struggled to remember the day I had picked out a kitten I named Tc.  No sooner that I could recall the year my grandmother opened up the special bookcase that housed all her 40 plus journals and pulled out the exact journal in which she made note on that very day I had gotten my kitten.  As she began reading a simple summary of the day, including the snowy weather, my eyes teared up.  I now realized that she was a simple family historian.  We spent that afternoon looking through her journals and reading about the day I was born, the day Gram & Gramps sold the old house on the lake, and all the days she felt were markers of my life she had penned simply in her own journals.  
     I have resolved many many times to keep a daily journal.  I had a remarkable stretch in high school that started in my 10th grade and ended in my 12th grade (although not daily).  I think the hardest part of a daily journal is finding the material to fill a whole page.  As a stare down at the blank page I struggle with a blank mind!  As I was poking around the local Borders Store I found this small Moleskine Daily Journal/ Planner in pink.  I had to have it! 

It is only 2 1/4 by 4 inches tall, it's teenie tiny!

My iPhone is larger than this journal!

The pages are soooo cute with a small little section at the bottom for the weather.

   I have been a BIG fan of the Moleskine journals for years now.  It is a strange day if I don't have one in my purse for notes or the simple quote I hear.  With this new one I imagine my New Year's Resolution to keep a daily journal with not be that difficult, smaller pages less content.  I'll get the big one next year...   

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  1. Wow. Dorothy Delilah Dale is quite the inspiration. Believe it or not my grandmother also writes in a journal daily. Actually, often more than once a day. Same kind of thing, mostly history keeping.

    It is especially nice to look back on something she's written from a family event or outing. They're like little polaroids.

    Reminds me of how much more I can probably do: )

    Thanks for sharing! Phil


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