Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Knitting... A life changed.

I have a few things that mark my life…. My nephew being born, learning to ride a bike, and sometimes sad things like my grandfather passing away.  One of those markers for me was learning to knit.  I know, I know, knitting right?  Little nerdy, but it kinda changed my life.  It gave me an opportunity to find a path to zen.  Sometimes a day can’t pass unless I knit.  In the beginning I had a couple inspirations to learn to knit.  My grandma was an accomplished knitter.  
 Here is a picture of her “trying” to teach me how to knit.
Sadly I was unfocused and had to many things going on.  Plus Red Heart acrylic yarn was not enticing enough to draw me in.  A number of years later I stumbled across an amazing hobby shop that had an enticing yarn room with complimentary knitting classes.  I would hover but never join the classes.  One day as I was hovering I found this magazine...

Sadly Adorn is now no longer in print, yet I snagged this copy.  Mostly I was inspired by what I saw in the magazine, but also this page made me want to knit…  Really want to knit…

I wanted to make that bag!  I bought yarn and joined the free knitting class.  Turns out I was a natural knitter.  It has been down hill since then.  Nearly three years later all I want to do is knit!  I will kit things that never see the light of day!  And my yarn stash grows weekly.  All of my closest friends and family have been knitted something special by me.  Here are some of my projects that did meet the light of day.  Funny thing is though... I never knit that little handbag.  I have the pattern.  My goodness it was a fun to find that!  I had to email the former editor of the magazine to find out that it was in One Skein pattern book page number 47.  I have the yarn, but still have not done it.  Maybe that will be my next project?

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