Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a thing for words

You know you have a thing for words when snippets of well-said everyday language hang in your head for days. Let me explain with an example.
Saturday, Ben and I had the best of mini-road trips up the Beartooth Highway to Cooke City. Although Ben drives the winding highway at least 6 times a summer, I don't usually make the trip on my own. We packed a fly rod, a picnic and brought the dogs. I love fishing Soda Butte Creek outside Cooke. It's a cold, cold high-mountain creek that's as clear to the bottom as any aquarium, and you can watch fish dart up from the bottom to take your fly at the surface. Still I miss fish, somehow.
While I was casting, I heard Ben say, "We're into 'em now." I looked up and he was holding an agate that was about the size of a kid's tennis shoe. The jagged, clear rock was the second giant agate Ben has found in a week. The earlier one, a rounded stone about the size of a small loaf of bread, we found on the Yellowstone (photos unavailable due to technical difficulties/disabilities)
I thought the phrase "We're into them now" such an odd observation but fitting, too. It's something Ben says all the time on the river when he really starts catching fish.
I'm searching for an opportunity to use "into 'em now" in my daily discourse. But there's only a few opportunities to really "get into 'em"

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