Saturday, July 31, 2010


Love is a quantifiable thing or is it? We as kids stretch our arms as far apart as we possible can then say “I love you this MUCH”. In that simple illustration we in our pure and simple childlike minds feel we know how much love we can contain. I even as an adult had a primitive view of love, until my younger sister got pregnant. I watched her belly grow and her life change. I had opinions and feelings about how her life would be after the baby came. Not once did I ever think that her pregnancy would change me and my view of love. She worked daily all the way up to one week before she gave birth. I remember that phone call, “the baby was on the way”. I rushed to the hospital, cursing at the slow moving traffic. The moment Desmond Allen was born I saw a beautiful boy and watched my lil’ sis become a mom. That precious package wrapped in a blue blanket was placed in my arms I looked in to the face of a newborn and felt an entirely new and amazing love that brings me to my knees. I was blessed enough to made an auntie not once but four times so far. Still to this day I miss my niece and three nephews all too much. Yet holding my lil’ sister’s hand as she gave birth was more than I can simply describe.  Love....   Regina
Desmond Allen, 3 years old snorkeling in a wading pool in Grandma's back yard.

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