Sunday, June 5, 2011


Serenity and spiders don't go together. 
I have been terrorised for days as a cane spider has taken up residence in my living room.  Hawaii has been graced by my presence for six years now, but I almost flew back to the mainland permanently...  Because I am deathly afraid of spiders.  And no, I will NEVER EVER post a photo of one of these spiders on my blog, because that would mean I have to see it again and again (this would continue the grip of fear that spider had on me).  Some folks can live with a spider and not be bothered.  I can't.  I would sit at work and wonder if the spider had found it's way into my bedroom, even after I carefully tucked a towel around the door.  To be honest it kept me up at night.

I got proactive and made many attempts to kill the spider with Raid (great stuff for the smaller insect varieties).  Every time I got close, he would lunge at me.  I gave up quickly out shear fear.

I can not forget that spiders have a valid place in every eco-system, but please not the one where I enjoy sitting and watching movies.  So I asked my neighbor if he could help... My 6 foot 2 inch neighbor is  more scared than I!  So his teenie, tiny, sweet, wife grabbed a tissue and trudged over to my place.  She tried the traditional spider killing tool, the flip flop. The spider would not give up and die. 

 You see the spider had to die at this point. I was convinced that had we caught him, and relocated him, he would return (my place is super cute and comfy!).  I was deep in a spider psychosis.  Then she grabbed my favorite pair of wedges....

The spider did not stand a chance!  

Now the reason for this lengthy post about a spider....

As I watched the tissue with spider bits and pieces swirl around the toilet bowl then disappear, I realized that all I wanted was serenity...

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