Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh the hats!

There was nothing about the recent royal wedding that didn't make me want to make use of these handy bags by designer Lydia Leith, that is except the hats all the women were wearing. And I only admired the outlandish hats as a testement to what can, in the hands of a bunch of rich socialites, go off-the-tracks weird.

I find myself drawn to them, I admit, and the more of them I see the more I am conditioned to think they're stylish. It takes moxie to wear these outlandish hats, which I admire. In my browsing, I may have found one I'd wear if I was invited to some fancy-pants ladies luncheon.

I like the 40s style and the lacy veil, but I'd eliminate the bouquet or go with just one or two flowers in the same shade as the hat. Then again, I like my floppy canvas fishing hat pretty well too!

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