Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've fallen in love...

I often find my mind wandering through life and the things that surround me. I would like to think that it is a set of romantic colored glasses thru which I see. Yet my mind gets away from me. I set unattainable goals, plan my future, name my future children, buy amazing cars, and plan my future wardrobe. The problem with all this wishful thinking is that I am not present now! The benefit of this thinking I find myself focusing on great life plans, like buying the perfect fixer-upper home. And as of late that is all I can seem to think about. Funny thing is I know what I want and where to find it but I'm here (in Hawaii) and I can't afford a home. I want a little house in some pastel shade of pink or yellow with a picket fence. Something a little like this...

I've fallen in love...  With a little 4 bedroom house!  I scour the real estate ads daily for homes with "good bones" that are cheap. I found this un-polished gem in my home town. 

I would paint the stucco all white, the gutters and the window trim bright red.  The jury is still out on the what color I would paint the front door, it is a tie between pink and yellow.  
I mocked up what that house would look like if I owned it!  Even with my car in the driveway.
Truly this small demure looking home has TONS of potential.  There is an entire basement with a separate entrance.  If I bought the home the improvements would begin downstairs.  It would make a perfect rental.
Oh and did mention there is a two car garage too?
I can just imagine the poppies that I remember my in grandma's garden would grace the this long flower bed along the driveway.     

I would decorate the house with things I love.


  Paint the walls colors I like not what the landlord thinks will blend in all the ugly holes in the walls the best. 

I would love to have a simple lovely home...

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